Franchise Driving Schools

You are looking to make a little money on the side and are wondering which driving school franchise you should choose for your driving instructors franchise. There are lots of jobs for trainer drivers – basically, they are the guys who teach learners how to drive. The job itself pays rather well – you can make up to £800 if you enroll with a popular driving school and spend enough time with students on the road. The great thing about these jobs is that they are usually offered in the form of a franchise – the driving schools, in order to make it attractive for driving instructors, offer everything that a driver needs to get started. That said, you should not just pick any driving school that offers a franchise. If you want to get the best experience there are certain things that you should be looking for:

•    It matters how long a driving school has been offering a franchise. The longer the better because they have more experience and will have smoothed things by the time you come along. If they have existed for a long time it is quite likely that they have already dealt with the little problems that come with franchising.

•    How long are they tying you in for? A franchise is a contract that you cannot get out of without penalties. If a driving school offers long franchise periods you may want to keep looking – ideally, you are looking for a school that allows you to renew your contract every year or every two years.

•    Find a school that enrolls many learners every month. In many cases, driving schools do seasonal work – when students are on holiday the numbers are up but as soon as they go back the numbers dip. This will affect your earnings. Check how popular a driving school is before you enroll with them.

•    Do you control your own schedule? Driving school instructors usually have a diary where they schedule students. There are some franchises that don’t allow you to control your diary meaning you have to work when they want you to. This may not be good if you have other work that you do as well.

•    What is the payment structure like? Do the pupils pay the school which in turn pays you or do they pay you and then you sort things out with the school? It is better if they pay you – you have more control that way.

•    What materials are included in the franchise? You want as much support as possible. They should give you things like branded uniform, business cards, stationery etc. The more they provide the better – it makes your job easier.

These tips should help you find a good driving instructor franchise so that you can start making money.