Frameless Glass Shower

You have decided to install a frameless glass shower in your bathroom but are not sure where to start – what factors should you take into account when making this kind of installation? First of all, congratulations for choosing a frameless glass shower. Not only will it spruce up your bathroom, it will also be much easier to clean and maintain and it will last a long time. As for what factors to take into account before you start your project, keep reading to find out:
•    Think about the angles in your bathroom. Why is this important? The hardware for frameless glass showers is usually made to fit certain angles. You may want to find a local fitter who is an expert in this type of work to look at your bathroom and tell you whether or not it is a good candidate for a frameless glass shower. That said, so long as your bathroom is either square or rectangular you shouldn’t have any problems.
•    Do you want to have a shower curb? A curb is a good idea because it helps retain the water in the shower area thereby keeping your bathroom floor dry. However, it may involve a bit of construction so think about whether you are prepared for this or whether you are happy for your frameless ‘glass shower to sit flush on the floor.
•    How big do you want your frameless glass shower to be? This is important to think about right at the beginning. You don’t want to install a glass shower that takes up all the space in your bathroom. You want there to be enough room for when you step out of the bath and you also want your shower to be far away enough from the floor. Make sure you don’t crowd out your sink and storage area too.
•    Make sure that your shower head can be placed correctly. You may take the dimensions of the shower but when you look at them in relation to the shower head you realize that they are all wrong. If that happens you may have to move the shower head which is additional work which involved redoing the plumbing – an unnecessary expense that can be avoided if you take the measurements around the shower head.
•    Think about the kind of fixtures and fittings that will be best for your new frameless glass shower. If you leave in your old shower head and taps the overall effect of your new installation will be diminished.
Lastly, think about who you want to do the installation. Go Glass comes highly recommended – they are one of the leading shower glass shops in Cambridge. You can get in touch with them through